Dr Rohit Bhide

Consultant in Spinal Injuries and Rehabilitation Medicine

Position / Department/ Organization/ Country

Consultant in Spinal Injuries and Rehabilitation Medicine
Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Centre (PRSCIC) & Mobility & Specialised Rehabilitation Centre (M&SRC), Northern General Hospital, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield, S5 7AT, UK


Dr Bhide is a registered specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine and currently works as a Consultant in Spinal Injuries and Amputee & Prosthetics at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He works at the Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injuries Centre for the Spinal Injuries service and at the Mobility and Specialised Rehabilitation Centre for the Amputee and Prosthetics service, where he is also currently the clinical lead. 
His primary training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was from CMC, Vellore, followed by two fellowships in MSK and Spinal Cord Medicine from Toronto and Sheffield.

His areas of interest include

  1. Musculoskeletal disorders - Non-operative interventional management & rehabilitation of various musculoskeletal disorders, muscle physiology, biomechanics and conditioning of individuals with impairments and injuries.
  2. Spinal cord injury – Management of acute and chronic spinal cord related issues with special focus on MSK and secondary health complications.
  3. Amputee and Prosthetics -  Development of a holistic pathway for management of pain and secondary issues following amputation.
  4. Complex pain management – Holistic management of chronic pain conditions.
  5. Research – His research revolves around his areas of interest.



Contact information

Spinal Cord Injuries Centre Secretaries: sth.scicsecretaries@nhs.net  0114-2266762 / 2715646