Osborn 3: Spinal Cord Injuries, Rehabilitation Ward

Osborn 3 is a rehabilitation ward for the care of people with SCI who are further along in their initial rehabilitation journey. Usually, you will have been admitted to Osborn 1 firstly and then move to Osborn 3 after the acute phase of SCI management.
This ward supports patients to increase their independence and complete the transition back into the community.

The Nurses and Clinical Support Workers will assist you to learn daily living skills on the ward to increase your independence, e.g continence, hygiene, dressing practice. For patients with higher level spinal cord injury, they will support you to learn how to effectively direct your care.

Additional features of Osborn 3 that are designed to encourage independence during rehabilitation:

  • a laundry room for patients to do their own washing.
  • the option to have lunch in the Osborn dining room, with hot meals and salad bar, for those who are able and mobilising in a wheelchair
  • Patients are encouraged to attend activities and events within the Centre, and go out on trips with family or friends, if possible.
  • Opportunity to use the independence flat to practice time spent away from the ward before being discharged.

Ward Round – There is a weekly multi-disciplinary team meeting to discuss each patient, which the patient is encouraged to participate in. The Osborn 3 ward round takes place on Mondays.

Ward telephone number:
0114 271 5634

Ward Manager:          
Jonathan Rowe

Ward Sisters:               
Jackie Gibson, Sarah Downs, Jess Burley

Integrated Ward Therapist:
Sekemi Akinso

Visiting times:             
08:00 – 20:00

Meal times:                 
Breakfast 08:00  
Lunchtime 12:30
Dinner 17:30